Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(fill in the blank) is like Hitler

Hitler and Nazi used to mean people who committed genocide. Now they're used to describe someone who slightly annoys us.

The Hitler and Nazi comparison in politics must end.

It is, of course, absurd to compare Barack Obama to Hitler. But those who have compared George Bush to Hitler and his administration to Nazi Germany are also at fault.

I used to hear commentators on radio doing the comparisons. "Just look at the similarities. It's startling." they'd say. "The Administration is curbing rights. Nazi Germany curbed rights. The Bush administration is not allowing the media to show military coffins. Nazis did the same." They may as well have added, "The White House has a bowling alley. The Nazis loved bowling."

Even today, some of those rightly upset about the crazy Obama/Third Reich comparisons consider it appropriate with Bush. "Well, the commonalities are striking." Just because thing A shares elements in common with thing B, does not make them the same or even similar. It's like saying, "A horse has four legs. So does a desk. Therefore a horse is a lot like a desk." Mm, not really.

Some people just don't get why you should not compare anyone with Hitler other than other architects of mass murder. Why? Because you sound crazy and nothing you say after that can be taken seriously.

When people hear Hitler or Nazi Germany, the immediate next thoughts are nine million murdered, gas chambers, and piles of skeletons. That is by far the headline on him. Nothing else comes close. So when you compare Obama or George Bush or Dick Cheney to Hitler, this is what you sound like:

Person 1: That guy is just like O.J. Simpson.
Person 2: You mean he murdered two people?
Person 1: No, he stole memorabilia.


Person 1: That guy is just like O.J. Simpson?
Person 2: Because he killed and got away with it?
Person 1: No. Because he's a spokesperson for a rental car company.

You sound like a loon, who is not in touch with common human reality. And you take away any credibility you may have had prior. No one will listen anything you say after that, nor should they.

So my political enemies and friends alike, please stop. Just stop.

Monday, June 27, 2011

fashion sense - nun

You know how nuns dress when they’re out of their uniform. It’s exactly how male to female transsexuals dress. Skirt up to their boobs, the bow on their shirt, those horrible lady flats. It’s like they both got their style cues from 1930s schoolmarms. Strange that two groups with such different sensibilities have the same style sensibility.

There needs to be a fashion intervention for both of them on one show. Queer eye for the former guy. “Matching orange pocketbook and shoes. We need to get you out of that habit.”


At work, we have a customer database. A guy at my work, when he puts in a woman’s name, he selects “Mrs.” I told him it should be Ms. And he goes, “Oh, you’re such a feminist.”

No, ot’s not just about being a feminist, you pea-brained little boy boy. Mrss is impractical. We can barely keep track of their contact information, now we have to keep up with the status of their relationships?

“Hi. What? You can’t log onto the site? Okay, we’ll take care of that. And by the way, how is your marriage? How are things in the bedroom? We need this for our records. So, do you fight over money?….Psst. She’s on Firefox and she’s separated. So note that in the database. Choose Ms. She says Mrs. Is just too painful."