Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can you believe it? She's a Gold Digger!

Whoever, whatever you are, we're all in this together. Latinos, Blacks, Jews. Because we're all hated by Mel Gibson. One day, we'll all have to hide from him together.

I love how people justify that he said those things because he was drunk. How do you go to that extreme? "What a splendid party. I'd love some dip [sip]...the Jews started every war!" What kind of beer was that? Obviously German.

Some guys defended Mel, saying the girlfriend who recorded him is a manipulative gold-digger. Of course she's a manipulative bitch! I love how these men are always so shocked that a chick 20 years younger than them turns out to be after their money. What a shocker. Who could see that coming?

"Man, bitch was a gold-digger." "No! Sierra? Really? The one who wears a thong? And who's on that reality TV show, 'Real Whores of Paramus'?" "I know, dude. I just want a nice girl. That's why I drive up to titty bars in my Maserati."

These are the guys who want money to get women. But they don't want women who want them for money. How does that work? It's not logical. "I want a bucket for water. But I don't want water in my bucket."

Plainly, what do men want? A lot of pussy. But pussy does not come free. Financially or emotionally. There should be a price tag on our vaginas. Hanging off the one hair missed by the waxer. Because with a lot of pussy comes things you may not want. Like kids, and child support, and angry women. Because with a great amount of pussy comes great responsibility. I think Gandhi said that.