Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a Trust Fund Kid

Not many know this, but I have a trust fund. It's true. And with the state of the stock market, and after splitting with my brother and sister, last year I collected a cool $6000. Gross. We're talking before taxes. Yes, people, my cable tv is paid for. Unless I go on vacation. At which point I need to get a second job to cover the electric bill.

Yes, people look at me with envy being this trust fund baby. And many people just call me a JAP, or JAP Lite, or JAPPYish, or a failed JAP. But only some of us were born with a silver spoon found at a garage sale in our mouth.

Facebook is trying to advertise to me!!

I cannot believe that Facebook is trying to advertise to me, and using my demographic information and interests to target that those ads. How dare they try to get revenue in the same fashion they've been doing for a hundred years?

How is this surprising? Isn't it obvious that Facebook knows everything about us? Every time I log on there are Jewish stars everywhere. And ads for Natalie Merchant concerts. They have me pegged. I logged in today, and here were the ads targeted to me: Preventing Uterine Fibroids, Adopting a Cat, Get Renters' Insurance with a picture of a cat.

The same people among us who worry constantly about how the government knows too much about us did not catch on until now that it's actually private companies that have all the information. Google? Search engine, documents, email. What's wrong with using one company for all?

Please, we must stop the government from knowing what books I take out of the library. It can always just Google my Amazon list.