Monday, February 28, 2011

Hollywood now celebrates the beauty of black, well, light cappucino women

On the Oscars, Halle Barry honored Lena Horne, who was a trailblazer, and allowed for someone like Halle Barry to follow. But at this point in time, can we stop acting so proud that the door has been swung open for black women who look pretty white.

Beige Lena Horne paving the way for latte-toned Halle Barry is not breaking new ground. If romantic comedies started starring the girl from Precious. That would be ground-breaking.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teaching Should Be the Profession Judged by Merit

There has been a lot of debate lately about giving teacher's merit and performance-based pay, as well as getting rid of bad teachers. Some say this: teachers should be rewarded if they do a good job and fired if they do bad, "just as it is in every other line of work."

My question for the people who make this statement: What are these other professions where you're rewarded or fired based on merit?

Some people have this idea that the private sector creates this objective evaluation of employees. Is this the way it's worked in any private sector job you have had? Because it certainly has not in mine.

Come on. Who are they kidding when they say, "just as it is in every other industry"? This is way it really is: You're a manager who nearly bankrupts a financial institution. Result: Million dollar bonus. You're a coke, crack and probably meth-head. Result: 1.8 million dollars an episode.

And there are countless small examples in everyday life. There's a guy I should have fired a year ago. Can't bring myself to do it. A woman who gets in at mid-afternoon. But hell, she does a good job once she's there. Result: raise!

We all know of times the powers that be have kept somebody on because, hell, they sometimes bring in cookies. And it's just so annoying to train someone else. Or he/she's sleeping with the VP.

Why don't these teacher-bashers say the only thing that makes sense, which is to make teaching the ONLY merit-based profession. Why don't they say, let's reward good performance and punish bad, the opposite of how it is everywhere else.

Men Are Addicted to the Charlie Sheen Fantasy

A lot of guys defend Charlie Sheen. And they defended Tiger Woods during the height of his scandal. These celebrities are fantasies for men. They're leading the life they want to live, rich and without rules. But more than that, it's as if real men one day expect to be them and live that life. But they won't.

Regular guys defending Charlie Sheen is like blue collar workers voting Republican because one day they will be rich.

America likes to pretend that the exception is the rule. Because someone made millions of dollars, you can millions. Because someone is a billionaire, gets any woman he wants, is a crackhead, and just gets more money for it, so can you. No you can't.

Face it. You're not going to be Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods. You will continue to be drug tested for your cubicle job. If you're a crackhead, you'll be fired and homeless. And if you continuously cheat on your wife, she will leave you and take half your money. And you only have $300.

Monday, February 7, 2011

To quote Malcolm Gladwelll...

I thoroughly enjoy the Malcolm Gladwell books. They are very interesting.

But too many people now drop his name at parties too proudly, almost congratulating themselves for having read such heavy tomes. "You've read Malcolm Gladwell, right?"

Get over it. These books are not that complicated. You read a reader-friendly 200 pages. Stop acting like you waded through five volumes of Kierkegaard.